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Got inspo from Sikaic to remodel your bedroom

Do you need a room makeover? Why not give it a shot? A room makeover with new furniture can be a way to spice up your life! If you’re getting tired of your uncomfortable bed, cramped boring room try to reinvent yourself and reinvent your space! A makeover would help express yourself in a new way, in a way that better fits the new lifestyle you’d want! Or maybe you just need new furniture in your room because your old bed is worn out, who am I to judge?


One of the most meaningful changes you can make to your bedroom is, as the name implies, a new bed! Why not pick this bed frame, with its elegant floating design, it’s sure to catch some eyes. This bed frame is finished in white leather, complementing a room full of light, vibrant designs. The underside of the bead also has LED so whenever you’re getting off or on in darkness, you can still make sure you can see where you are stepping. The bed frame’s headrest is also finished in white leather, padded leather with an elegant wave design to provide a subtle yet interesting design to an otherwise flat surface. At the top edge of the headboard, there is a small cubby area. This cubby area allows for the storage of small items, such as a clock, tissues, or whatever else you’d want! This area is also lit up by LED so that it’s still visible even in darkness and the cubby also has built-in USB ports to charge and power whatever devices you'd have. The top of the headrest is a flat hard surface so you can also use it to stand small, light objects. The dimensions of this bed are as follows, 75.5 inches long, 53.9 inches wide, and 39.6 inches high.


You have a new bed now! What else could you use to spice up your room? Why not… a nightstand! A nightstand would go perfectly with your new bed, to keep all your essentials right beside you, where you need them, when you need them. Why not go with this beautiful white nightstand to compliment your new bed? The nightstand has 4 drawers, 3 stacked drawers with a single long drawer for taller objects finished with white knobs. On top of the nightstand is a small cubby area for you to store whatever objects you’d want to keep at quick reach and has a built-in power strip with outlets and USB power, so you’d have power at quick reach for when you’d need it. At the top most part of this nightstand is a second floor with raised edges so you can stand even more stuff on top!


"What's next?" You might ask yourself. Say you'd need a mirror and a desk, you need to do make-up, put in contacts, do homework, whatever you'd have in mind, why not get a vanity desk? Like this white makeup vanity from our website! The design and colors of this vanity also perfectly match the aesthetics of the previous nightstand and bed, keeping a consistent theme for your bedroom. This desk has 3 drawers, and 1 opening door, all for storing whatever necessities you’d have in mind. The legs of the desk, as well as the knobs, are finished in a matte, almost brass-like color to add a bit more color to your bedroom and keep it from becoming too monotone.This vanity also has small shelves to add even more storage and decorating possibilities to an already amazing desk. And last but not least, this vanity has a built-in mirror with warm lighting around the perimeter of the mirror so you’d have perfect lighting whenever you need to use the mirror, whether make-up, doing your hair, or putting in contacts, this mirror and it's lights are certain to help!

Redecorating a room can be a very enjoyable experience. I hope this blog helps inspire you to make a fresh start in updating your own room for the year of 2024.

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Mar 28, 2024


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