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The Earth Is Our Home

It is the responsibility of each of us to protect the earth and the environment. Sikaic is committed to promoting green development and sustainability, adhering to the concept of green environmental protection, and strictly controls all aspects of the production process, raw material selection, and product quality. Provide people with natural, comfortable and healthy sustainable homes.

Choose Sustainable Materials

Sikaic chooses environmentally friendly materials, such as renewable materials, recycled materials, etc., to reduce the consumption of natural resources and environmental pollution. At the same time, these materials must also comply with relevant environmental standards and certifications.

Production Process

Sikaic focuses on energy consumption and waste emissions during production. Take energy-saving and emission-reduction measures, such as using efficient equipment and optimizing production processes, to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Product Design

Sikaic focuses on product longevity and repairability. Designers will design durable products to extend the service life of the product, greatly reduce unnecessary furniture replacement, reduce waste and avoid environmental pollution.

Social Responsibility

As a responsible home furnishing brand, we take ecological and environmental protection as our responsibility, adhere to the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development in product selection and production, and at the same time actively participate in public welfare activities and give back to the society.

We’re committing to create the change we want to see in the world