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Couple Gaming Setup Ideas: How to Choose an Ultimate Gaming Desk?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an ultimate couple gaming desk for two, such as the size, shape, power, lighting, and budget of the desk. Whatever your preferences may be, the best couple gaming setups are all about making sure that both of you get exactly what you need out of the experience, which means plenty of fun along the way. Here are some tips and ideas to help you find the best couple gaming desk for your needs.

1. Size

Size decides the distance: how close do you want to sit? If two of you sit side by side, the T-shaped desk is an ideal choice, so it will make you feel comfortable without feeling crowded.

Sikaic T-shaped gaming desk

Sikaic 94.5" T Shaped 2 Person Modern Gaming Desk With Storage LED Lights Keyboard Tray Rustic Brown

The T-shaped desk dimensions are 21.6"D x 94.5"W x 30"H, which is enough for 2 people to sit down and get a spacious space. The full detailed sizes are shown in the dimensional diagram below.

Sikaic gaming desk

2. Power

While setting up before your desk, don’t forget that two people means twice as many accessories and devices to keep charged or ready. Make sure you have enough power outlets for everyone’s equipment and chargers and consider using a surge protector with USB ports so each person can easily plug in their devices like cellphone or keyboard without having to crawl under the desk.

The Sikaic T-shaped gaming desk featured with grommet power strip, which equipped with 2 AC outlets and PowerIQ-enabled USB charging ports to provide power for up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Sikaic T-shaped gaming desk

Sikaic gaming desk power stripe diagram

3. RGB LED Light

No gaming room is complete without futuristic, customizable LED strip lighting and a cool lighting atmosphere! So definitely, you need an RGB LED light gaming desk. An RGB computer desk is mainly a computer desk with LED lights that are designed for a gaming PC. These desks are either lined with LED strips or have built-in LED lights that are usually of red, green, and blue colors. So, that is where it gets its name of RGB (Red, Green, Blue).

The Sikaic gaming desk equipped with cool & smart LED light strips, which can be control remotely via APP. It has over 60,00 colors and 29 flashing modes for you to choose from. The point is LED lights with music sync function, built-in sensitivity adjustable mic, and LED light color will change with the rhythm of the sound and music.

Sikaic gaming desk LED light schematic diagram

4. Storage

Storage also can not be ignored. When you play games, you will definitely want to eat snacks or drink Coke, and you need to have enough storage space to prevent you from accidentally dropping the potato chips or spilling the Coke and making your computer desktop or keyboard look like a mess.

The Sikaic T-shaped gaming desk features two storage shelves for you to store or decorate, reducing tabletop clutter and adding enough space for under-desk storage and organization.

Sikaic gaming desk storage shelves

Otherwise, the Sikaic T-shaped gaming desk is also equipped with a monitor stand, a 22” slide-out keyboard Tray, and adjustable feet to make the desk keep stable even on carpet.

Sikaic gaming desk monitor stand

Sikaic gaming desk keyboard tray

Sikaic gaming desk adjustable feet

5. Budget

It’s important to think about how much you want to spend before getting started. If you’re on a tight budget, you need to seize the chance to get a great deal and discount when the discount season is coming!

The Sikaic 94.5" big size T-shaped 2 person modern gaming desk with storage LED Lights is only US$279.99 on sale! And you can also enjoy an extra $20 off using code SIKAIC20. What an amazing deal! Don’t missing it.

Last but not least, happy game happy life!

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